Fontana & Associates, P.C. is a family law firm committed to quality representation of parties in legal proceedings in Colorado.  Those legal proceedings are primarily in the form of Domestic Relations cases in District Court and Paternity cases in Juvenile Court.


The philosophy of the firm is to first explore resolution of family disputes through cooperation and appropriate communication; and to present cases for determination through litigation only if resolution by agreement cannot be reached.  This philosophy is borne of the notion that parties are in the best position to make appropriate decisions concerning their children, their assets and their lives, and have available to them many more creative options for resolution than judicial officers can employ from the bench, after a trial. 

Effective and cooperative resolution can only be accomplished when both parties to a case or dispute are well informed and able to fully understand the many possible ways in which the ultimate issues can be determined.  The amount of work required to get to the point where effective resolution can be pursued varies from case to case and is dependent on the particular facts of each situation.

There is no “one size fits all” remedy for family law cases because each family is unique and offers different challenges and opportunities to be explored.  At Fontana & Associates, P.C. our representation of a party is handled as a partnership whereby the client is actively and integrally involved in all aspects of the case, with the attorney working for them as legal advisor and a guide through the legal process. 

The emphasis on cooperation and communication is not in lieu of, or antithetical to the good trial and advocacy skills required on those occasions where a family’s dispute must be determined by the Court after a hearing or trial.  Our philosophy is that trial and advocacy skills are employed throughout the process in a variety of ways – all geared toward meeting the needs of our clients during difficult and troublesome times. 

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