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Areas of Practice

As a family law firm, Fontana & Associates, P.C. represents parties in Dissolution of Marriage actions; Paternity cases; Allocation of Parental Responsibility cases; UCCJEA custody proceedings; and Grandparent Visitation.  We also provide simple estate planning.

Within a Dissolution of Marriage case there are issues related to parental responsibility of children (including decision-making and parenting time); support of children; property division and spousal support.  We represent either spouse and handle issues that come up subsequent to entry of the initial Decree dissolving the marriage in post decree proceedings as well. 

When there are issues regarding children and parents that are not married our firm handles representation of parents in Paternity cases and Allocation of Parental Responsibility proceedings.  We also represent grandparents and third parties in petitioning for parenting responsibility/custody of children who have been living with them and/or for whom they have been providing care.  We also represent Grandparents seeking court ordered visitation.

Ms. Fontana also provides services in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution and can serve as a mediator or arbitrator in cases where the firm does not represent one of the parties.  Mediation/Arbitration requires agreement of both parties and is a useful tool to resolve issues through discussion with problem solving skills.